About Us

About Us

Carla Reiss, founder of Meow-Wear, has been creating apparel for cats since 2006. She is especially proud of the Special Needs Suits as they have helped to ease the strain of both medical and behavioral problems.

The balance of the apparel is intended to keep cats with minimal coats warm and protected; it is also useful for photo moments and fun! No one is suggesting that any cat be dressed on a 24/7 basis; cats are grooming animals and need time out of any item that we sell. Also, the items are not meant for unsupervised, outdoor use.

All our items are proudly MADE IN THE UNITED STATES

(603) 621-7472

All orders are taken via email or phone for assistance in sizing and any special requirements.

This website is lovingly dedicated to the memory of our friend, Sandy Adler, the Grand Lady of the Sphynx breed.